There is nothing more important to a GPC Commercial team member than safety; it’s at the forefront of our minds, the way we start every meeting and a general way of life.

But we don’t just look after our own health and safety; yours is important to us too.

We’ve helped businesses improve the way they operate with a range of efficiencies including the development of light weight starter motors and the implementation of LED lighting technologies in vehicles.

Our focus on safety is proven to mitigate injury as well as lead to efficiency gains such as reduced maintenance costs, improved product reliability, reduced logistics costs and a happier, more productive workforce.

GPC and it’s businesses has developed a culture of safety with individual safety KPIs for all employees to ensure continual improvement
Auto Electricians accounted for 12% of all reported injuries in 2014. We spearheaded the development of light weight starter motors to provide specialists with products that are easier to handle, store and install, preventing strains, sprains, finger crushing, lower back problems and fatigue.
The average truck and shovel mine spends 15 hours per month changing light globes. In 2013, 15% of all injuries were electric shock related. By implementing LED lighting with a 6,000 Kelvin colour temperature and an expected 50,000 hours light output into vehicles and machinery, we’ve reduced operator fatigue and the need for frequent maintenance


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