Along with safety, quality is of paramount importance to GPC Commercial. It’s for this reason the business has achieved and maintains an ISO9001 certification.

This focus on quality ensures both product and processes are regularly checked and audited by independent assessors to maintain strict standards and minimise the rate of failure.

This certification is held by most companies under the wider GPC Asia Pacific umbrella, as well as the brands they produce including Great Whites, Black Tips and OEX. Furthermore, we encourage our suppliers to maintain the same certifications to ensure a high standard of excellence is offered to our customers.

We choose to be ISO9001 certified to ensure the best possible processes, products and outcomes for our customers
With an ISO 9001 certification, not only do we actively look for improvements to our products and processes, we are required to address any problems brought to our attention. Solutions don’t just address today’s problem, but also prevents the same problem occurring again in the future
Whilst we can’t make our business partners uphold an ISO 9001 certification, many have recognised its value and are also certified. This means you’re working with businesses that appreciate the importance of continuous improvement, high standards and day to day excellence


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